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Well, the base :
- Try to blend in with the others, so that no one feels alone.
- If you have some problems with someone, feel free to talk to me about this and I'll try to resolve this.
- If you want to insult or do things like violence towards one of the characters, ask his player first, and tell me about it. You are free to do anything you want with your characters until it doesn't make their player feel bad about it and push him/her to stop playing.
- Be friendly with the other players... Or at least RESPECT them. If there is racism, xenophobia, homophobia or anything bad Towards someone precisely... Or everyone... Well, don't feel surprised if you get kicked out.
- After this... I dunno what to add... Try to connect as much as it is possible for you... If you know you'll be absent, inform the players you're playing with and, if there is some grouped connexion time, inform the moderator(s)... So that we can try to find another time for those...
- Ow, yes... If you want some things like sexual actions... Well, Mature or Explicit Rated... There will be a place to do that and I'll explain it to you. Wink

There will be grouped connexion time... So, please, send me some time suggestions... (I suggest saturdays or sundays... Or during some holidays... Wink )
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